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American Destiny Real Estate has been providing buyers and sellers in the Greater Pittsburgh area with a superior customer experience for several years. Our agents are ready to help you find that perfect home. If you are looking to sell your home, give us a call and we can help you determine what your homes value is. You have many choices when it comes to picking a Real Estate Company, let American Destiny Real Estate show you what we can offer. Our motto is Real "Estate...Real Simple, and it shouldn't be any other way.

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Quick Fixes You Can Do at Home This Weekend

Quick Fixes You Can Do at Home This Weekend If you're short on time during the week, yet your house needs a couple of repairs, it's easy to set aside a few minutes on a Saturday or Sunday to

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Why Your Mortgage Is More Than Just the Rate

Why Your Mortgage Is More Than Just the Rate Many of us may have been deceived into thinking that a mortgage contract’s value can be understood by just looking at the interest rate alone.

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 The home buying process has sometimes been made out to be complicated.  It really isn’t.  The only thing about buying a house is that no two transactions seem to go down the

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